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We bring learning & stories into the digital age by adding a new layer to traditional methods by using Augmented Reality & Gamification.

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Below are the major events associated with AR Story Time.

Baby Bear

AR Storybook
Crowdfunding Campaign

Baby Bear

Is a Story Book that uses Augmented Reality alongside other technology to bring stories and learning into the Digital Age.


10 Years Experience
Virtual Reality
Augmented Reality

Our Founder

Our Founder has around 10 years experience in Virtual and Augmented Reality. He has also been fortunate to learn and work alongside some of the worlds top experts in this area.

Goal of
AR Story Time

Our Mission


Technology is similar to any tool which has great power. It can be used for good or bad. It depends on how it is wielded. We hope to shine a light on the good.

Adventures of Baby Bear

This project started out as a competition entry. We threw every bit of tech and innovation we had at our hands (and made some along the way) to try and create a product to help Children’s Hospitals. From there we have gone on this journey and expanded our customer base time and time again. We are almost at a point to share what we have been working on for a year and couldn’t be more happy. We hope you join us on our journey.

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